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Re: 2nd Kyu

Congrats on the testing! Here's ours for Nikyu.

1. Katate Tori Kokyu Nage(Hantai)
2. Katate -Tori Kote-Gaeshi (Hantai)
3. Katate -Tori Kote-Gaeshi (Hansha)
4. Katate -Tori Tenchi-Nage(Irimi)
5. Katate -Tori Kaiten-Nage
6. Katate -Tori Shiho-Nage(Irimi)
7. Katate -Tori Shiho-Nage(Tenkan)
8. Katate -Tori Sankyo (Hantai)
9. Katate -Tori Ikkyo (Hansha)
10. Katate -Tori Nikkyo (Hansha)
11. Kata-Tori Ikkyo (Irimi)
12. Kata-Tori Ikkyo (Tenkan)
13. Kata-Tori Sumi-Otoshi
14. Kata-Tori Nikkyo (Irimi)
15. Kata-Tori Kokyu Nage(Irimi)
16. Kata-Tori Kokyu Nage(Tenkan)
17. Yokomen Uchi Shiho Nage(Irimi)
18. Yokomen Uchi Shiho Nage(Tenkan)
19. Yokomen Uchi Kokyu Nage(Irimi)
20. Yokomen Uchi Kokyu Nage(Tenkan)
21. Yokomen Uchi Ikkyo (Tenkan)
22. Yokomen Uchi Kote Gaeshi (Hantai )
23. Shomen Uchi Kokyu Nage(Irimi)
24. Shomen Uchi Kokyu Nage(Tenkan)
25. Shomen Uchi Kote Gaeshi
26. Shomen Uchi Ikkyo (Irimi)
27. Shomen Uchi Ikkyo (Tenkan)
28. Shomen Uchi Nikkyo
29. Shomen Uchi Sankyo
30. Shomen Uchi Kaiten-Nage
31. Mune-Tsuki Kote Gaeshi
32. Mune-Tsuki Kaiten-Nage
33. Mune-Tsuki Nikkyo (Hantai Tenkan)
34. Mune-Tsuki Ikkyo (Hantai Tenkan)
35. Mune-Tsuki Kote-Gaeshi (Hantai Tenkan)
36. Ryote-Tori Tenchi Nage(Irimi)
37. Ryote-Tori Tenchi Nage(Tenkan)
38. Ryote-Tori Kokyo Nage(Tenkan)
39. Ryote-Tori Shiho Nage(Irimi)
40. Katate -Tori Ryote-Mochi Kokyu Nage(Tenkan)
41. Katate -Tori Ryote-Mochi Kote-Gaeshi
42. Ushiro Tekubi-Tori Ikkyo
43. Ushiro Tekubi-Tori Kote-Gaeshi
44. Ushiro Tekubi-Tori sankyo
45. Yokomen -Uchi Ude-Osae
46. Yokomen -Uchi Kata Otoshi
47. Ushiro Kata-Tori Kokyu -Nage
48. Ushiro Kata-Tori Kokyu -Nage(Ago Tsuki Age)
49. Ushiro -Tori Kokyu Nage
50. Ushiro Katate -Tori Kubi-Shime Sankyo (A, B, and Koshi-Nage)

Each technique is done both sides. This preceeded by oral testing on aikido history, etc. You may also be asked to do kokyu dosa, ki testing, etc usually after the 50 basic. Then you're given optionals, which is sensei's choice. A minimum of five variations on whatever is called (could be either attack or technique specific, ie all yokomen, or koshi, shime, etc). You could be asked to do suwari waza and/or hanmi handachi. That's followed by jo (and sometimes bokken) kata, then jo tori, general randori and lastly ryokata tori randori until you can't continue. Also, after the test you are expected to given a written thesis on aikido, martial arts, etc. Around two pages up do shodan, 10+ afterwards.

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