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Re: Re: RE: Professor Friday's Reply

[quote]Originally posted by LOEP
Originally posted by senshincenter

Wow. THAT brought this thread to a shuddering halt.

You made some interesting points, David, but truthfully, I found it rather hard to read.

(I am, however, one of the unwashed, undegreed masses and I find that sort of heavygoing writing style far too dense for my non-academic palate.)

It's clear you put a lot of thought and labor into this. Shame to see the thread die.

I'll try to get through it and offer my comments and I've sent a copy to Karl for his perusal.

I think it is unfortunate that a person who has taken the time and made the effort to put his thoughts on a subject into such a detailed exposition should be criticized for doing so because people are too intellectually lazy to work through the post. I see a thousand posts with little content or thought put into them for every one that has some real "meat" conceptually.

Those folks who are truely of a "non-academic" palette can feel free to NOT read whatever they want. But I for one spend a lot of time monitoring these forums just waiting for the occasional post into which someone has put somereal time and effort. I don't think people who do make the effort should be criticized but rather praised for trying to raise the general tone of the forum.

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