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Bruce Baker
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Bugei .... Boogy, Boogy?

Remember, the world is formed on what one needs to learn, know, and have to survive TODAY!!

Apply that throughout history, and we can do without a 10,000 word composition, please.

Somewhere between learning from a formal teacher, informal teacher, or the school of hard knocks, you might get that little light to go on that becomes understanding of what you are learning on one level or another. If it advances you beyond the present techniquely advanced, GREAT!

As for this God thing ... The Universe is what it is while man creates his own gods, and explanations of the universe. Simply, the universe is energy becoming matter, and matter becoming energy ... inbetween are infinite variations of energy and matter, life.

Besides, look at the layers of earth and find no trace of human beings, then tell me how infinite our race is? Forget about it!

I would rather stick with the reason for turtle island, also called north america ... the creator put us here to live in harmony with all creatures and care for Mother Earth as Mother Earth cares for us. Look not at the present but seven generations ahead to those faces yet unborn. (Native American Indian thoughts/believe it or not there are verbal historians in Indian tribes that trace the Japanese and Chinese as part of this settlement over 100,00 years ago/ I am gonna get in trouble for letting that one out.)

Maybe because I have seen sea turtles lay eggs on the Jersey shore, and then, twenty years later, view a nature film on sea turtles with tags or radio transmitters migrating from South Pacific to East Coast North America, do I find the truth within the term Turtle Island?

There are many truths withing terms used over generations, different meanings of lost words but meaning just what they say? Wierd, but true. Kind of like, I can't explain it to you, I will have to show you?

If that is what we are argueing about, then could we do it without a term paper ... please?

My head isn't as empty as it use to be, it needs time to make room for all those words?

Steal what you need train, to make your life, then show me ... thanks.
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