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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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If something exists, it can be explained by physics.
I disagree. Far as I know, most physicists disagree, too. If you doubt that, then post the physics explaining how a human goes from a walk to a run cycle. I've asked Erick numerous times to do this and so far he has not produced the required answer, instead opting to just gloss over this major failure in his physics models. And if you can't describe with physics how such a simple, human function as going from walking to running, then how can you describe complex physical actions?

Part two. Please point to any animated film which uses physics to generate human movement. Or do they use motion capture? Why?

Part three. Please point to the robotics industry and detail out robotics programming using physics that comes from human functionality. Or do they use if-then statements (very basic analogy)? Why?

Now, if you can use physics to validate the walk-run cycle or use physics for animated human movement, or use physics in robotics, then you've just earned a nobel prize for doing something other physicists can't explain.

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
Complex neuromuscular physiology is basic physics
I disagree. Reference the above walk-run cycle above. There is no basic physics involved in that.

To complicate matters to the nth degree, IP/aiki is rewiring the body to function in a manner that is completely different than normal people. So, even if you could find the physics for normal functions of a person, it wouldn't be the same for those who have IP/aiki.
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