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Re: Aikido Books

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I don't think anyone mentioned Saito Sensei's books.
Post #2... (although I pretty much mentioned everybody's books ) The Takemusu set is indeed a good get. Stan Pranin has already released expanded re-edits of Volumes 1,2,3, while the 4th and 5th Volumes have the new cover art, but have not yet been released in a re-edit (in progress). The new edits are very nice, with extra photos and material, so I would recommend you get 1 thru 3 now through AJ (to make sure you are getting the new, rather than the old edition) and wait until he announces the release of the re-edited 4 and 5 before you buy those. Also of note is that Saito Hitohiro Sensei is now working on a book, but I don't have a whole lot of info about when, where, or what yet...

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