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Re: Still More Name That Uke

Jerome Cervantes wrote: View Post
Hahaha touché!

By the way good to see you guys Tuesday nite. Know of a good tailor in the area who can patch up the knee on my hakama?
The recommendation I got back so far is to get a large patch sewn over the hole, around the perimeter several times and a few diagonal lines forming an X. To make the repair solid have another piece of material on the inside of the hole so it is sandwiched between two good larger layers. I've done this and it has held well over the years.

If you do one knee do both. Make the patches large enough to cover the entire front from seam to seam. (from Bill)

If I get more recommedations, I'll pass them along. Right now, no one seems to have their own tailor on this. Anyone else have suggestions re this?

Sorry to go off topic folks....
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