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Tom Verhoeven
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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
My point is that if you get a 6 year old to come into this forum, who has never been a carptenter, never been a musician, and only read 1st grade level books about the subjects, and starts telling the musician and the carpenter how to do their jobs, then according to many, that 6 year old should be able to do such. I'm saying it would not be allowed in person, why should it be allowed here? Not all opinions are valid, nor should all opinions be listened to. Just because some chant the chants, sing the songs, and put on the costumes, it does not equate to having knowledge or having skill or having valid opinions.

Well at least you are getting warmer. I completely agree; not all opinions are valid. And for sure, not all opinions should be listened to. And as far as chanting the chant etc, you are right it does not equate to having skill or valid opinions.

There is no discussion there. I agree, you are right!

But it is not the point that I was trying to get across.