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Thanks very much for all the replys, all thoguh i like to pretend i know alot i really dont and this should help me ask sensie some questions.

Im really dont get why he calls it bujutsu because all M.A. after WW II became do(example, ken jutsu to kendo). Their is a older student in my class that studied from a diffrent Aikido class in Calaforina, he helps me out alot and uses a very fluided aikido, useing skill rather than strength. He seems to know alot about Aikido and i dont think that he would go to some boggus Aikido class.

Could you guys give me any advice on how to go about asking him why he choose bujutsu as a name with out affending him.

And no there is not ninjustsu in are aikido, even thought that would be really cool, the site had a camma in it so it did not work. her it is again
And yes warrior women this is the site with the little ninja kid

Thanks again

A true warrior uses the greatest weapon... The art of Peace.
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