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Originally posted by particleman151
Sorry to be so defensive but what is so wrong with a new style of Aikido? One takes in what he learns from his teacher, changes it a bit, names it Aikido Bujutsu and adds a bit from another M.A. and every one thinks its some fake Martail art.

There are many diffrent defintions for Budo. Ive been to three sites and all three have had diffrent definitons for Bu and jutsu.

Anyone else with any thing?
Nothing to do with the art itself, but linguistically "Aikido Bujutsu" is, at the very least, a little bit odd. Prepare for some strange looks if you talk about the art in Japan .

Nothing wrong with making your own art, but there are a lot of people doing that kind of thing in the US (and other places, of course) who are, shall we say, less then optimally competent - that's why people tend to be cautious about these things.



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