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Very good thread Mr. Hooker,

I agree with what everyone here is saying about training as you get older. Want to add as well though, that the intensity can be there without necessarily hurling your body around as much as the young lions. Controlled and somewhat slow traing doesn't negate intense training, and sometimes the out of control movements of wild young lions is anything but intense. Does this make sense? I would much rather practice concisely, even if it involves going a little slower, than get speedy and sloppy (the two are not mutually exclusive, but there is a tendency to get sloppy if you get too fast). As we age, our training focuses more inward towards that still center, and that is extremely powerful.

That said, I still like to play rough with the young lions (not being too far out of that stage myself at age 42) a good deal of the time, and just pace myself a bit better.


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