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Re: When is long enough to long?

Dennis has some good points.

When is long enough Dennis?

I would have to say long enough is a personal decision.

A lot of people have commented here. There are marathon runners of all ages. Some are good, some are not so good. Should they give it up because they aren't as good as they were in their twenties? Depends on their personal decision.

For me, I am thirty and I have found my body is just fine. I do not heal as fast as ten years ago, and I am sure I will see this continue to deteriorate over the years.

I teach Jujitsu 3 days a week, I train Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling 3 days a week, I work out with weights, and I run when I have the chance. On my off time I am usually watching a DvD of martial arts and trying to learn a kata. To me the road of discovery never ends.

You mentioned that people have trained and are equal to their teachers or may have surpassed them. If a student reaches your level and stays it couls be because of a myriad of reasons. Again, answering this is for the person that has chosen to stick with it.

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