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Re: Should everyone teach?

Taras Poltorak wrote:
What if the person only teaches because he/she is after the next grade?

Disclamer: These are only my speculations, I am not refering to any real people, I hope nobody's got an instructor with wrong motivation for teaching.
Well sadly this does seem to happen...I have trained under one teacher here in Japan who clearly had no real interest in teaching anyone...made no real attempts to explain or correct...just demonstrated (well practised in front of us) about 20 techniques in a two hour period and then stood bye and watched as we poorly tried to emulate.
This meant that nearly everyone in the dojo had their "own" version of each technique..everyone teaching each other mistake upon mistake this meant after two years I was barely 4th que when really here in two years you should make Shodan.

Anyway... after a bit of a relocation now I have a trully impressive teacher so I`m very happy
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