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Re: Should everyone teach?

When the term "teacher" is used, does that mean conducting a class? Or a series of classes?

I ask because some of the best instruction I have received is from those in the dojo that I practice with. They are on the receiving end of the technique I am attempting. Uke can feel immediately if I am balance...too much muscle...not general...fumbling all over the mat

That quick response to my attempt to execute what Sensei has shown is one of the best teaching tools in the dojo. Those we practice with are all teachers. We all help each other to learn through our practice.

Is the ability to run a class as important as getting the proper idea across? I have met many that can operate a class because the personality involved is strong and outgoing. I have met many more that have a wonderful understanding of Aikido and their technique is very good. But they may not have the desire or the ability to stand in front of 15 to 30 pairs of expectant, or yet more frightening...discriminating, eyes. Should that person be passed over for promotion simply because of shyness?

Just food for thought in this thread
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