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Re: Should everyone teach?

[quote="Taras Poltorak (taras)"

On your oppinion, should it be nesessary for everyone to teach Aikido in order to make their own progress?[/QUOTE]There is formal teaching and informal teaching.

Some people are naturals at teaching a group of people while others can do better at one-on-one mentoring. Senior students teach just in the act of being there. It's my opinion that if you are capable of learning enough to be awarded dan rank then you are capable of teaching on some level. You are certainly capable of learning how to teach too. A dan certificate is sort of pointless if you aren't in some way involved in passing on what you have learned. Recognition of this by having teaching a class as part of the requirement of a dan rank isn't bad IMO.

I do think that one should try to avoid beginning teachers teaching beginning students.

It maybe not necessary to learning, but it could enhace your progress.

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