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I would like to expound on a statement I made earlier. When I stated that sometimes it helps to add some of your own energy or strength to complete a technique I did not intend to give the impression that as Aikido students we should muscle the uke. I apologize if I've confused anyone. It can be said that in all Aikido technique it is inevitable that the nage will use some of his own energy or strength when performing a technique; for example many iriminage technique require the nage to lead uke's center and then "step through" to inhibit uke's balance. Uke needs to offer some resistance which in turn results in the need for nage to add some strength or energy of his/her own. It is only needed to add a little energy of your own, there is no need to abuse your uke. I apologize if this post has a snooty tone as that is not the tone I mean to convey.

"shuchu roku" - Focus all your energy to one point
- Louis
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