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Re: Peace

Bjorn Saw wrote: View Post
Peace may be an outcome of struggle but once you get there you can realize that it rather came about by ceasing, by ending the struggle, by laying down your arms, not by defeating or overpowering the sense of struggle or conflict. [
Isn't struggle a manifestation or effect of conflicting interests?
Why do you think it to be usefull, if one party gives up to realize, to bring it's interests to effect?

In Aikido we use our body to speak this language of peace. It is already immanent in our actions.
I don't see the parallel?
aikido is budo. It is practiced to controll an attacker by using aiki.
Someone attacks - the attacker is controlled - the attacker is thrown or locked. And an attacker who isn't proficient at ukemi will be hurt. (Not in training but in "real life".)

But if you think you need the struggle, then you will never ever relinquish it.
Isn't struggle - on different planes - a motor of developement and change?

Is it helpful to try to abandon conflict, struggle ... ?
Or might it be helpfull to learn how to live and to solve conflict or struggle in helpful ways?
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