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Re: Christianity and Aikido??

Rupert Atkinson wrote: View Post
Escape, escape, escape! But escape from what?... My advice is to study, and to distance yourself from that which you do not like. Personally, as I get older, I find myself disliking all religion of any type more and more. ... it is not for me as it makes no sense to me
Fear grows in loss. Lengthening shadows darken present pleasures. No one likes death. But Death pursues. None escapes him.

The choice is really quite that simple. One may flee, only to be taken unawares and in vain fearful struggle at the end. Or one may turn, embrace and seek to redeem that reality in some way from mere destruction.

Christianity and Aikido share in this perspective on something that every man sooner or later must confront. Both counsel that addressing it sooner is better. Both hold that the narrow self is that which dies, and the Divine survives. And Both hold that Love is Divine. And that true martial struggle must be a divine work of love.

Ally to the Divine -- conquer the small self. This sensibility is equally the message of Christian teaching and that of O Sensei. Speaking personally, saying is easier than doing -- but it is true regardless of my relative merit in the occasion. Truth is like that.


Erick Mead
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