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Re: Article: Taking Ukemi and Being Uke by Peter Boylan

Hi Don, what is the point of pretending that a hand can cleave a person's skull in half? What happnes to your tecnique if uke doesn't hit that hard and attempt to penetrate so much out of an understandable fear of actually making contact with the skull and breaking his own hand? Having Nage put his arms up sounds like a boxer's strategy to me. What happens to nage's arms when you put a blade in the boxer's or wild hitter's hand? Does it really work for you? I am by no means a pro boxer but I haven't found anyone who can execute an ikkyo on me (without causing me to break my own posture by making me avoid a strike a first) when I start circling, using feints, level and angle changes and combinations. I would like to know the name of the ASU 6th dan that can make what you describe work so I can attend one of his seminars and be proven wrong. If it actually is a skill that can be learned by anyone why couldn't any of the the three dan ranked ASU instructors who first taught me aikido ever pull it off?
Hello Thomas, if safe maai is maintained by uke resistance or stiffness accomplishes nothing, the first technique still works effortlessly and smoothly. As a matter of fact, this type of strong, static attack should be practiced before ki no nagare in order to get a solid basis in the mechanics of the art. Most attackers are by definition resistant and stiff( which is exactly why they aren't much of threat) so why even bother with the ikkyo attempt at the wrong distance when it would be more efficient to just kick the groin as the first option, especially with the possibility of having to deal with a second attacker? How is not striking an opening more "aiki-ish" when the founder of aikido stated that his art was 90% strikes?
Hey Dieter, I agree with you, but only when weapons are being used (nage wielding a much longer one, like a boken when uke is armed only with a tanto) nage only feints as opposed to actually striking and the proper distance is being maintained, the reason being the vulnerability to a kick mentioned by phitruog.
Phitruog, the only way a shomen uchi strike can become a palm strike to the nose is if nage decides to look up at the ceiling at the moment of impact since a shomen uchi is a strike to the top of the head. A downward strike to the nose with the palm is not a useless technique empty handed in terms of results but it is called shomen ate. If uke throws a kick at the same time that nage commits to a forward step with shomen uchi empty handed the only way nage will be following through will be to collapse to the ground.
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