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Re: Article: Taking Ukemi and Being Uke by Peter Boylan

The problem is not only with not following through but with the initial "attack" itself. Shomen uchi, the way it is usually demonstrated and trained today, was simply a method of demonstrating what aikido looks like without actually giving anything away in terms self defense application or combat effectiveness. An example of the japanese riddle/ "figure it out for yourself" instruction method. The distance and ability to string together combinations of attacks is completely different when comparing the type of weapon attack I refered to in my last post (the kind that aikido joint locks and throws were actually intended to be used against) to a boxer entering into a maai where he is close enough to be struck himself in order to deliver hooks and crosses. Attempting to enter and turn with ikkyo against such an assault is as completely ineffective and suicidal as trying to stand your ground and trade blows empty handed with someone wielding a katana.They are two completely different methods of attack which require completely different responses. Training in something that makes no sense and is not immediately applicable, or at elast recognized as applicable by someone with sufficient training, experience and skill, is a complete waste of time. The type of shomen uchi attack which is illogical and counter productive can be applied to a knife attack as well if uke holds the tanto in a reverse grip, by doing so he gives away the reach advantage his weapon provides him. The type of shomen uchi attack which makes efficient use of a weapon and offers the attacker protection from being struck or injured himself can be performed with a sword, a knife, a club, a jo, even very small short weapons which do not offer the attacker any reach advantage unless they are thrown, often using the shomen uchi movement.

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