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Re: Aliveness in Martial Arts Video Clip

I'm not relegating it to a KI debate. "I hear you", I simply don't agree wtih the disection of the physical. If you know how to stack some body, punch them, or choke them...then you know how to do it. Some are able to do it better than others.

I think you learn to do these things better by concentrating on doing the techniques over and over through concentration on good technique.

What I don't understand is how the Jo Trick or Push hands would transfer to teaching you how to do these things more efficiently. I see the indirect benefit, not the direct benefit.

That is the only place we differ.

When You are talking Skills..I don't understand what you are identifying as skills. Push hands is an exercise. Jo trick is an exercise, kokyu tanden ho is an exercise. Skills are things that directly correalate to fighting. punching, choking, dominate position.

I do a form of push hands, albeit poorly, as I am not versed in Tai Chi. I have my guys do kokyu tanden ho as a warm up...I find value in them to teach the things you are talking as I have stated I see value and merit. They help develop things that are important.

They do not make you stronger, they do not help you deliver power, they will help you move more efficiently, to use proper movement to avoid having to use power...I think we just see it differently.

If not, then maybe I don't understand as I have not experienced what you are talking about. Maybe I will one day. We should get together and train...then we don't have to banter back and forth here.

I thnk we are communicating just fine, just some static because these things are hard to conceptualize in writing.
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