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Re: Aliveness in Martial Arts Video Clip


Nothing wrong with how you are training to learn aikido. While I agree with much of what Matt says, I would not say that anything other than what he says is "dead" training. It is not good logic.

Dan and Mike Sigman can discuss this at GREAT length! In fact if you go into the "Jo trick" post and take your time and read carefully through the post you will see us debating back and forth about the merits of internal/KI training. I agree with what these guys are saying, but we debate mainly about the realitive importance of this in martial arts. The converation gets confusing and cryptic at times, but I think you will see the value, or lack of value, of Internal training such is done in aikido and how it applies to reality.

No aikido is not a waste of time. I advanced very rapidlly in the type of training that Mr Thornton follows because of my aikido background, so there is a transference of skill.

That said, If I was only concerned with the objectives of what Mr Thornton is talking about, I would say, yes aikido is a waste of time. There is no good reason to train in traditional aikido if you are concerned with becoming an effective physical fighter.

Conflict is much more complex than a physical fight though. The majority of us will never be in a physical confrontation that requires the degree of skill that you learn in SBG. However, for the rest of your life you will deal with conflict and confrontation daily in many manifestations. So, from that perspective, I'd say that training the way Mr Thornton trains could be percieved as a waste of time.

Point is each has it's place in the big scheme.

One thing I wholeheartedly agree with what he says it this. "think for yourself, and figure out WHY you are training". Many of us really don't know what it is that we are doing and why we are doing it....if you are not searching for the answer to this question, you could be on the wrong path.
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