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Re: Pain

I agree Mary, and thanks for your thoughts. You are correct and you do a great job of further framing the issue.

"Not letting it" of course, is a very personal process I think. This is something I struggle with constantly as the aging process begins to take it grip on me!

I train in a very robust environment in BJJ and get on the mat with guys that are World Champions in the sport and it is very apparent that I cannot hang with them and that my Arthritis, degenerating spine are things that are limiting factors and they DO stand in my way.

That said, I try and be the best "ME" I can be and do what I can and try and come to grips with my limitations that are not mental, but physical...I simply cannot do things that others can do.

So, yes, these things DO stand in my way and eventually I know that I will not be able to even train at the level I am at today!

But I thik what is important is what you expressed above.

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