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Re: Atemi and Aikido

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Was he literally doing push ups on another guy's face? Never seen someone train that way though and I've always learned to tense up the body right before receiving a hit but that was a very different style. Cool vid, though.
yes, he did. Kevin Choate sensei was doing the systema thing. that sort of push-up trained a few things. nage, the person who did the push-up on every part of uke's body, learned how to stablize the wrists on different body parts which will help him hitting body parts, since the body surface isn't uniform, thus, hitting a person with your barehand is much different than hitting a punching bag. also, the push-up is very relax, which teaches nage on how to deliver power without tensing any part of the body, even on impact, which is quite different from the karate or kungfu punch where they tell you to tense your body on moment of your fist impacted the body. also, doing push-up on a live body, it somewhat prepared you for the psychological and emotional aspect of hitting a live body. on the uke side of the fence, you learn to breath, with different breathing patterns, and to relax and channel the pressure of the fists elsewhere. it prepares you to physically, psychologically, and emotionally dealing with getting hits. lots of time nage will start out with lighter pressure, not full push-up, then gradually, over time, increase the pressure until uke feels uncomfortable, then nage would back down a bit. once uke gets his/her breathing and relaxing back, then nage progressively increases the pressure. with the breathing, uke is almost working on a neigong called iron shirt. this is now moving into the realm of IP/IS stuffs which is a bit beyong me.

if you look at the video of Kevin Choate when he was hitting the other person, and look at his position and the other position, then ask yourself, how many aikido techniques that have such relative position which allows him to deliver that strike. don't forget his other arm can deliver the same strike from the back at the same time. now for folks who doing IP/IS stuffs, they can deliver an incredible amount of power at that range, that would take all the fight out of you, and not with just their fists, but with their shoulders and their other body parts.

from my point of view, one should learn to effectively deliver atemi that is part of your aikido. one of the post mentioned someone deliver a kiss before the throw. i am ok with that, as long as the person is female and attractive.

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