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Re: Atemi and Aikido

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In the posts about the single attack some seem to be referring to uke, some to nage. We often train off of the first, second, third, fourth strike. Statistics aside, strikers typically do not expect that the first or second strike to be the knock out. A series of strikes are utilized to set up the knock out. As an aside, the Gracies policy of entering for a takedown assumes the first punch is not a knockout and so they can take the hit to enter, take down and pin the opponent.

For kyus, and while formally reviewing basics, and learning new techniques, the single strike attack is appropriate. If you are yudansha and you only train this way then you will be surprised by the real world. You should be parrying multiple strike attacks finding the techniques, then abandoning and moving to secondary and tertiary locks/techniques if the first one is not perfect.
It sounds as though you advocate for keeping regular Aikido classes to regular Aikido training, and practicing application versus skilled striker as an extracurricular matter. I agree. My general opinion is that if you are facing someone who is taking the time to set you up with jabs, then you are in a fight you chose to be in.

The challenge here is that to go anywhere with that type of training requires skills in fighting. So you have to have those (because you used to in college or something), or you have to go and get them. It turns out that developing fighting skills is one of the most demanding things a human being can do! You won't be making it to the Aikido dojo as much and you can forget picking up a third martial art you may have been interested in....or going to any of these seminars...

It is really a big challenge and requires a lot of commitment, and you are basically training to make your Aikido good for situations Aikido was never meant for, i.e. combat sports and drunken fights.
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