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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I would wonder where the quote came from, who said it, and what the original Japanese text was. John Stevens is known to use translations but not to give citations as to where they came from. He is also known to have omitted parts of sentences from translations, changed meanings from other parts, and to translate ideas according to Japan's wishes.

IF you had to rely upon someone's translations to build a nuclear reactor or to do heart surgery, would you rely upon someone who worked like that? "Hey, let's take out this section where it talks about an important part of cooling a reactor because it really doesn't translate well."

But, if you want to rely upon Steven's translations ... that's up to you.
Hi Mark -

That's a pretty serious literary indictment you have leveled at Mr. Stevens. Have you anything more than anecdotal evidence to back up your claims?



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