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Bernd Lehnen
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Re: Increasing Ground Awareness for Internal Strength

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Of course you have to create the right settings. It's really not a question of whether it's artificial - of course it's artificial, and so is every Aikido class that everybody here participates in. The question (to my mind) is the demonstration of the principle.


then it would be useless in a surprise attack like is hypnosis and I couldn't see it as a good example to show a worthy principle of inner power.
Have you ever trained on ice? It's a difficult thing…and it's certainly of advantage to feel your weight in the downside of your feet.
But lets take on a little idealistic view. Lets suppose you trained your body in the right manner to the limits and you had gained that great (inner) power. Equally, because of your good training in in-yo, you were able to balance this with utmost responsibility. Then aikido, as the expression of your aiki , probably would become a wonderful way not to injure your partners but rather give them excellent workout and a healthy exercise. You wouldn't have to create any further settings or do anything artificial, you would just be like that, except (and in common with) that you had to be very careful with your partners.

Problems occur IMO as soon as we take aikido as the road to aiki. Then naturally, things tend to become more or less artificial, of course, because the difficult thing then is to do it without tricks

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