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Originally posted by Kami
KAMI : It's important, in a highly emotional moment, to keep our emotions in check and try to see clearly. If you want justice, that's all right. Let's find out, with every care, who did it and take a correct course of action. If we lash out in fury ("these bastards and the countries that supposedly help them deserve everything we may do to them!"), you're right, we'd be less than terrorists. With the excuse that "there's no other way", we may go too far and make this world an even worse place to live in.
Violence breeds violence. Only love builds for eternity.
I agree totally. At first I felt the rage increasing within when I saw those planes disappear into the WTC, I could identify with the pain and horror of the victims and those involved and really wished that I had the power to control a few nukes.

But after a few minutes I realised that this negative energy is what created those images on TV and negativity feeds on negativity. It may be very hard to understand for many of us, but if we put ourselves in the lives of those who did the attack, we may at least be able to understand, if not forgive, the reasoning behind the attacks. This is not to say that we should agree with what they have done.

To grow up brainwashed into believing that a country and its way of life is the epitome of all evil and that they are to blame for all your problems, pain and suffering can make almost anyone want to seek retribution if you can see nothing else. Couple that with constant talk about Jihad (Holy War) and believing that you will be sanctified in heaven by dying for the holy cause of destroying this evil, and one can begin to see what went through the heads of those terrorists. In their mind, what they did was attack the greatest evil in the world, a noble cause for them; quite the opposite for us.

In this time I try to utilise the depth of one of O-Sensei's quotes: "True love is INVINCIBLE because it contends with nothing."
A love based response to what has happened will probably yield the best long term solution to this problem, because ANY sort of military response will result in more of the same.

Sad to say, Aiki and unconditional love is not always the way of politics and international affairs most times, especially where there is extreme and heartfelt pain. I just hope that good sense prevails in the end and that those who have to decide remeber that at the end of it all, ALL of us, even te worst of us are part of the SAME Universe.

My condolences to all who have been affected.

--Mushin Mugamae - No Mind No Posture. He who is possessed by nothing possesses everything.--
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