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Originally posted by mariko nakamura
This is a completely unbelievable evil act of violence. My cousins husband worked in the towers and he is currently missing. I cant go home to be with my family because no planes are allowed to enter. My 5 year old daughters birthday present has been returned so she wont receive it on time.
I cant justify any retaliation. Thats not the way I want this world to work. We always do this and what happens? More death, more hatred, more tears, more terrorists. I feel if we start bombing somebody elses country, then we also are terrorists. Just from a different perspective. If we give them war, were playing their game. This is what Aikido is all about. Taking the negative aggressive energy and manipulating or restoring it to really beautiful positive energy.
There can be nothing positive about creating more violence.
With love,
KAMI : Let me express my respect and my admiration for you, my friend. You have been touched by violence. You heart is full of pain but, as Kipling said, "you're keeping your head, when all about you, people are losing theirs and blaming it on you".
Congratulations, my friend! It's important, in a highly emotional moment, to keep our emotions in check and try to see clearly. If you want justice, that's all right. Let's find out, with every care, who did it and take a correct course of action. If we lash out in fury ("these bastards and the countries that supposedly help them deserve everything we may do to them!"), you're right, we'd be less than terrorists. With the excuse that "there's no other way", we may go too far and make this world an even worse place to live in.
Violence breeds violence. Only love builds for eternity. You know, I really believe in that.
Peace with you

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