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I saw this posted elsewhere and it's the first thing I've seen written that even began to address this from a positive perspective. Regrettably, as I understand it, we already offered something like this and it wasn't accepted.

When Jesus gave us (Christians) that advice, it was because THAT is the road to peace. It's little understood that the Biblical admonition "A tooth for a tooth" is a plea for moderation -- make the response proportional to the offense, instead of much worse.

It would be wrong for the U.S. to engage in some massive military engagement for the sake of punishment or revenge. It wouldn't work, either. Every time we drop bombs, we create more orphans, some of whom deal with their loss by becoming martyrs for the cause.

How could we turn the other cheek?

Consider the poor Palestinians. What a pathetic people: whole generations born in poverty, living their lives in refugee camps, with very few opportunities and only faint hope. They are subsidized by the greater Arab community, but at a subsistance level. These people are desperate. The most inspiring cause they can grasp is the destruction of Israel and its allies, with the fall-out we saw earlier this week.

NOW the U.S. is going to spend $40 BILLION (with a B!) dollars on damage repair and terrorist hunting.

What if we spent some of those billions on the Palestinians? What if we created excellent schools, started enterprises, built infrastructure like roads and sewage systems... a Marshall Plan for Palestine?

SUDDENLY we would no longer be The Great Satan. We would be Israel's friend AND the Palestinian's friend. The Islamic support for anti-American terrorism would fade away. We would be safe.

INSTEAD, we'll spend more billions on more planes and more bombs, making the world safe for U.S. defense contractors, and no one else.

Arab children, look to your parents, before we murder them. Please forgive us our sins, when we slaughter your mother and father and sister and brother.

Forgive us for reacting like the typical three-year-old, hitting back because "He hit me first!"

We should take Jesus's advice, and turn the other cheek.

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