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How does this nation "blend" in an Aikido approach with the events of yesterday? It seems to me, that it's a little late to be stepping off the line. Do we take the energy or momentum that has and will continue to develop and redirect it back to bin Laden and the country of Afghanistan? Does the USA neutron bomb Afghanistan into a Precambrian existence? And because we will have upset several other nations, do we execute the perfect attention getting atemi such as vaporize the cities of Baghdad, Tripoli, Tehran, Beirut, Damascus, and for good measure Jerusalem? Perhaps for their cheering in the streets, which was broadcast on American TV, the USA employs a wing tip to wing tip carpet bombing of Lebanon as well? Do we as a nation respond in a Mu Shin (without thought) fashion? Some reading this post would agree with my answers - I suspect others would notů

It's an interesting exercise in applying Aikido to real world situations.

Steve Nelson
Confront the enemy with the point of your sword against his face.
-Miyamoto Musashi, "A Book of Five Rings"
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