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Re: YouTube: Kanaya Hirotaka Shihan

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
I know.
I'm aware of that.
Yes. I know.

I didn't expext, you would and didn't mean my advice too serious ...

... well ...

I never practiced with this teacher. But as I said, I think I recognize a lot of what he is doing. I remember Ikeda Hiroshi sensei teaching similar guiding-before-pyhsical-contact-stuff. The third video shows some of the basic exercises, Endō sensei teaches. (And wich I try to teach in my classes.) Guiding and controlling uke by weird and playfull ways of contact I remember as a speciality of Yamashima sensei.

Also when I read, that Kanaya sensei originally was a committed student of Iwama ryū and used to practice with Saito sensei and only after having practiced this for a period of time changed to a more soft understanding of keiko, this remembered me of the biography of my sempai, our shihan - and also me myself: Studying clear basics for a long time. And then changing to a certain, more soft way, that is built on those basics.

So, when you asked "How is this feat done ...?" I felt 'provoked' to answer you - with a wink.
No offence ...
Dear Carsten,
In my reply to you I was being a little naughty.I decided to post the info [which I already knew you knew ] to have a little dig at you.Not in a malicious way I hasten to ad, just a bit of fun.In no way was your advice [Iwama Ryu bit ] offensive .I knew your were pulling my leg.
As it happens , perhaps due to the my maturity [age related] I am no longer the proverbial bull in the china shop.When I was much younger I was not averse to using what physical power I had.Now I try and get the same result being less energetic and I tend to find I need to become more efficient rather than rely on sheer brute force.I can understand this may well be the motivation of Kanaya Sensei.It would be good to find out more of his thoughts on the subject if possible.
So Carsten, have a nice day,Cheers, Joe.
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