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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I think this feeling thing is getting crazy.

If I see a video clip of a boxer knocking someone out, that doesn't mean I know all about it. But I did get to see the result. That doesn't mean I can punch better, or that I know how it feels to be knocked out, only that I can see a real result.

One could argue after seeing the clip that the guy being knocked out is faking it. That is the limitation of video. But it's a lot better then what we are currently using to convey our thoughts.

I can say, all day long, that I know what is really going on with these IP/IS/ICMA guys. And they can tell me all day that they know I have no idea, no matter what I "think" I know. On my part and theirs, it's really just a bunch of nonsense.

However video clips can get us to start seeing what we are talking about. I feel like the word "Aiki" has been hijacked. All I'm asking is for you to describe and show what you mean by "Aiki" when you say it. I feel like I've done that on my side.

I just watched your videos, while I disagree with your video about aiki, I think your video about structure and alignment is a pretty good foot in the door into one approach. I think you should have expanded on what exactly is going on when you connected your hands back onto your partner and what your partner felt when you established that connection. You made it clear that you weren't resisting with muscle, but how do you effect the other guy?

A couple of questions. Anyone can feel free to chime in. Don't think I am trying to lead Chris on one way or the other because as I have said elsewhere there are different gradiations and approaches.

Can you input forces into your partner via structure?

Do you feel that you can manipulate your opponent soley through structure? If so how can you do it? If not what other elements could potentially be added? Are they muscular based or something different?

What does your partner feel when they apply pressure on you when you are using structure, what do you feel? How does this feel different than using muscles?

If you are using structure, how do you handle pushes and pulls which are on an angle on which your body is not aligned ? How do you re-route that force so that muscle does not engage? Is there a way for your opponent to feel as though your center of gravity is lower than theirs even if you haven't lowered your center of gravity by utilizing structure?