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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

I think this feeling thing is getting crazy.

If I see a video clip of a boxer knocking someone out, that doesn't mean I know all about it. But I did get to see the result. That doesn't mean I can punch better, or that I know how it feels to be knocked out, only that I can see a real result.

One could argue after seeing the clip that the guy being knocked out is faking it. That is the limitation of video. But it's a lot better then what we are currently using to convey our thoughts.

I can say, all day long, that I know what is really going on with these IP/IS/ICMA guys. And they can tell me all day that they know I have no idea, no matter what I "think" I know. On my part and theirs, it's really just a bunch of nonsense.

However video clips can get us to start seeing what we are talking about. I feel like the word "Aiki" has been hijacked. All I'm asking is for you to describe and show what you mean by "Aiki" when you say it. I feel like I've done that on my side.