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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

I dunno - I don't get too worked up about it - just going to a seminar with one of the "names" doesn't mean that you no longer suck. Saying that you train with XYZ whether you do internal arts or not doesn't mean you have any abilities. Comes down to what can you do? But having said that, a couple things I do hold true about training in Internals are:

1) Seize opportunities to get hands on time with people of some ability because access to "this stuff" is very unlikely to be delivered to you on your own terms

2) There is an IQ component to training "this stuff" even after you get exposure to someone with ability and have exercises to work on. In addition, there's lots of room for "self perception disorder" with regard to your perceived abilities and actual abilities


In addition, I also find it amusing hearing behind the scenes about how many people are scrambling to get their hands on "this stuff" and make improvements, get better, etc. That cat is out of the bag, so to speak, but what will remain to be seen is how much of this seeds back into mainstream practices versus being hoarded by "those in the know", versus blocked by seniors with limited-to-no abilities but status to protect . . interesting times to watch and witness, either way.

Then there's already the population that is already doing this stuff . . in which case there's nothing to see here, anyways, carry on, carry on . . .

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