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Re: Dan Harden: Baltimore, Feb 3-5 2012

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The seminar was not very well advertised as I stumbled across the announcement on Aiki Web. That may be a reason for attendance. There weren't any flyers or information, who this was affiliated out there to get to people who were interested in time for participation. I know there is a large interest with Baltimore Aikido with participants in various arts other than Aikido (jujitsu, escrima...). If it does happen in May, and I would look forward to it, then how will we get that information in time to disseminate it for a larger participation to avoid a similar situation? Thanks.
Hello and thank you for your interest
I usually am invited by a local dojo. In cases where it is an interested group it is up to them to organize a venue and I place it on the web. This one was to fast and too casual for all concerned. Unfortunately, I may not have any openings left for 2012.

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