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Re: Kotegaeshi: hand or wrist?

I can account only for myself, so my contribution is only meant as my own way, in case it may help you.

I don't know what's correct or wrong - but I do use my both hands, and one is only on the wrist. With the hand I place on the wrist I am merciless - it's far from being only a "support". I cut in and push down with all the dynamism I have (I said dynamism, not force). The other hand produces the projection.

Now, with the provision that i can place my hands on uke's wrist in the right position (palm upward), if this happens, I have not seen anyone who did not tumble to the ground immediately, often with a pretty startled expression, and with some side soundtrack effect lol

However, I have seen several times people who did not fall when I tried special effects - using one hand only: bad idea.

ps I fell twice doing kotegaeshi adding tenkan to it, and I am sure I need to keep counting.
But if you place your hand on a wrist - hey USE it! Cut and down, NO mercy with that (injuries may be caused by the hand that causes the projection, not by your hand on the wrist)

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