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Re: Looking for good videos that look like BS

Derek Deboer wrote: View Post
After reading George Ledyard's response to the "Golden Center Sword" post, I tried looking for good YouTube videos of the awesome but seemingly-fake abilities/techniques of Don Angier or others. I was unable to find anything that looked fake, but was really very high-level skills. I have witnessed and experienced such awesome seemingly-fake skills by Toby Threadgill: "Good jujutsu looks like BS." It was very real, but I am unable to describe how something can look complicit and not be.

I would very much appreciate a good link or two to a YouTube video that is definitely real, but looks fake to the amateur (probably only the very experienced people here know who and what to look for).

Thank you.
derek deboer
Frankly, Don's stuff looked fake while he was doing it to me...
- George

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