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Hi Janet,
Sometimes we say its not, but sometimes we say swords are compassionate.... most everyone practices to control and to win: many people would ask what is the point of calling it a martial art if its not... I know of a few possible exceptions: Wendy Palmer Sensei, Mary Heiny Sensei maybe, maybe Endo Shihan, of the people I have seen - and except for Wendy I don't have much experience of them so I could be wrong. Even Wendy Sensei expects to throw people, most of the time - but in any case, I was more wondering if anyone has felt like this and gotten through it and is still training, not wether I am right. If anyone has, what changed? how did you begin to see it differently? Did you find a different teacher? Change the way you teach? Was there a book you read or a person who said something? Did something come out of the practice itself? Has anyone left aikido and taken up dance or gardening or devoted themselves to meditation (probably not who is reading this forum...)
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