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Re: Kaitenage

Nafis Zahir wrote: View Post
Does anyone here do it that way, and if not, what variation of kaitenage do you do?
Again, assuming that UchiKaiten Nage is the same as Kaitenage - then here is what we do:

For Ai Hanmi Katate Tori: (right wrist held by Uke)
- step to Ukes left and turn in
- cut ukes grip on your wrist by rolling your wrist down while taking free hand and locking his attack wrist.
- uke will feel pain in wrist in drop your hand..
- you will extend ukes hand/arm away from his body
- use atemi strike to ukes face
- step under ukes arm, still holding his arm
- once under his arm and behind uke...turn around
- cut ukes arm down to ground
- uke will bend down, head toward ground
- take ukes arm up behind his back
- then step infront of uke, while pushing his arm and 'flip' him.

For Gyaku Hanmi:
The same, well its more like Tenchinage (at least I think its the name)

- Uke has your right hand
- put uke off balance by extending right hand out and down
- do all the steps above starting with stepping under ukes arm.

With this you are dependent the whole time, basically, that uke hangs on to you.

In the exercise it is easy for uke to loose his grip on your wrist and the technique is over... technically, its my understanding the way we practice the technique that this whole movement is based on a determined uke who wont let go...but not sure how well that would work if he was that strong (ie., moving his arm to go under him, or even get him off balance)

Point is, it would seem you would want to grab uke as soon as you can to gain control...but at that point it would seem the rest of the technique is wasted...or 'fluff'. (Yes it would work, I suppose...but its going the extra mile to torture uke I suppose...if you get what I mean.)


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