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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Baseline skillset

Dennis Hooker wrote:
Oh come on now, do you know what you are saying! No Buddha feel not quote! No Jesus Christ feel no quote! No Mohammed feel no quote! No Hooker feel no quote! Oh -Oh, most of you guys have probably felt a Hooker so forget the last one!!
Sorry, Dennis, but your analogy doesn't fly (except for the Hooker one. I felt a Dennis Hooker waza once, many years ago. ). All of the above are examples of philosophical, intellectual and spiritual thought, not the concrete, tangible applied science of a physical skill set. You don't need to physically grapple with Jesus, Buddha, or Hillel for that matter, to get a sense of their spiritual and philosophical principles. And even with such intangibles, it still would help to see these teachers acting as examples of their beliefs -- being able to observe them in their daily lives to see the "living word." Who knows, maybe we are missing something we will never know from them because we didn't see these things and learn from them in the context of their flesh-and-blood daily lives and cultures.

With MAs, we're talking about the practical application of biomechanics and physical laws, which must be experienced to be understood. Not the communing of human minds and spirits, but concrete, sensory-dependent mechanics.

To try to understand these principles without feeling them in your body -- learning how to identify the sensations, effects, even the actual muscle groups (with tendons and fascia, etc.) -- you are flying blind. It would be like trying to learn to cook only from words, without ever having tasted the ingredients required or witnessing first-hand the effects of heat, water, freezing and other processes on those ingredients, or tasting the finished results.

There comes a point when words alone no longer serve.

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