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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
O Sensei has been a good bit farther, and he says this is the guide to hew to. You alll have done nthign to rebut or really even to address his points, that I ahve rasied. To be perfectly blunt, mostly Mike and Dan have dismissed him as irrelevant other than for the occasional video cameo.
Oh, stoppit. I haven't "dismissed" O-Sensei. In your zeal to score points you're misstating the case. Frankly, my perspective, if you'll note it from previous posts and threads, is more along the lines that what O-Sensei did, what Tohei does, what Ushiro does, what Abe does, what Inaba does, what Sunadomari does, what Akuzawa does, what Dan does, etc., etc., are all pieces from the same puzzle. None of the quotes you've used does anything more than reinforce what I just said, although you're trying to warp those quotes to mean something different.

It's all part of the same thing, Erick. That's why Ushiro's Sanchin Kata is sort of interesting to me as a facet he would offer to Aikidoists, but while I see it as having the same parentage, I'm not sure I recommend it. That's more where the discussion should be, BTW. Not in this constant insistence that your "theory" has a rightful place in a bona fide discussion of baseline skills.


Mike Sigman
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