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Re: Book from koichi Tohei

The opinions and experiences of even seasoned aikidoka on the subject of Ki run the gamut, from those who think it's all hogwash, to those who think it is the glue that holds the universe together. It goes without saying that Tohei Sensei's thinking is toward the latter.

This book reflects the thinking within the Ki Society that the existence and application of Ki extends well beyond the practice of Aikido. The Ki No Kenkyukai teaches five disciplines, Aikido being only one of them, where Ki is the fundamental principle behind them all.

Opinions on the book will also run the same gamut as opinions on Ki in general. It is certainly a good lesson for those who subscribe to the Ki theories, but not much help to those who don't. I wouldn't worry if you are not immediately successful with all the exercises you find in the book, as practice is the key (when is it not?). Try to keep an open mind, and visit a Ki Society dojo, if you have one near you. Then you will have an opportunity to draw your own conclusions.
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