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Thank you for the advice. I see that time invested or as I said having equity of 9 mos isn't all that much to not cut ties. I understand for some that is very little time but for me it isn't as I have developed relationships with people and am comfortable with the gains I have made. I am not so willing to though all that away so quickly and want to find options to the wierd situation at my school.

I feel as if, your dad comes home dressed as woman, say he is no longer your dad. Telling everyone he is now your mother. That is a change that is annoying. You are not going to divorce him as a parent so quickly, deeming him a freak. That is over the top example but I think it works.

In this case, as I have gotten some good input, I have a better idea of what is the accepted norm and what isn't tolerable, being just plain silly. I am going to work through some more and look at my options for other dojos vs. putting up with the new crap for the sake of my connection with other members and the relationships I have and value.

Thank you for the advice.
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