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1. leave the dojo and go somewhere else
this is more difficult that it sounds. I have a sort of equity built up there.
The adjustment to a new dojo is difficult as you have to change methods of doing things, learn things their way. It is a challenge for your body and mind to relearn something new that isn't so different then before.
Mr. Anonynous,

unless you are talking about a financial investment in the dojo building, purchase of miscellanous Samurai gear or whatever, frankly, that is nonsense.
Whatever you have invested in training reflexes in to your body, you have that and you take it with you.
I go dojo hopping all the time, and contrary to pondering endlessly about it, I enjoy it tremendously.

Please get off your samurai steed, relax, and just pop in some dojos in your neighbourhood. Sheesh.
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