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Re: maai...

Originally posted by Abasan

The problem here is maai is not unique to Aikido. Karate, Tai Chi, etc etc... all teaches maai. Different terms maybe, but its all there. So forget maai as a one stop solution to all attacks when you're going against a trained fighter who knows everything about spatial/relational distance. Especially a boxer who's out there in the ring everyday dishing it out to another boxer who won't have a problem giving as good as he gets. If their distance/timing/awareness is all wrong, they're going to get a massive wake up call.

Just my thots anyway...
True - ma ai after all is just combative distance not some magical trick. I think the point to the one word answer is that you must adjust ma ai based on who or what you are facing and where you are facing them. Of course as you mentioned the trained and or experienced fighter is doing the exact same thing. You just must do it better.

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