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Originally posted by shihonage

If we're not talking about a ring, then let's talk reality.

In real life, there's no predetermined environment. There's no predetermined skills, there's no predetermined minds (i.e. Aikido practitioner who would actually attempt a kotegaeshi vs. one who would attempt an eyerake and a Judo legsweep vs. one who would "project" a nearby chair into the attacker and assault him with a broomstick vs. one who would piss his pants and hope that the smell drives the boxer away), there's absolutely nothing to make any decisions by.

Is the boxer smart ? Stupid ? Tall ? Wide ? Enraged ? Calm ? Drunk ? Sober ?..

Does he have friends ? Did your girlfriend just go to the restroom and you can't run away ?

Is he carrying a concealed weapon ?
Are you ?

Is your leg bruised from training last week ?
Are you wearing a thick coat ?
Are you drunk ?

Did he hit you first and thats how it all started ? Where was your awareness ?
Does he have a reason to be enraged ?
Do you have the surrounding crowd on your side ?

Are you BIGGER than him ? Is he intimidated ? Are you ?

What I'm trying to demonstrate, is that unless the question was initially asked about a restricted environment with a set of rules, it was entirely pointless.

However, if it was asked about a restricted environment with a set of rules, it was entirely pointless as well - because Aikido is not made to be a game.
so far all the input has been interesting and imformative. I am asking about boxing
as one form of an attack you would see on the street. Iam not talking about using my aikido as a sport. The dojo is a controlled environment and I am being practical. I believe to know if the art is useful you have to be put in fighting situations as real as
possible. I decided on trying boxing to 'feel' what it like to get hit a couple of times in the noggin. it't scary at first. I think unless you know what it like to have some 230 pound bubba (somebody I boxed, 40 pounds heavier than me) and who knows how to
ring your bell you will be useless in a real world situation.

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