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Boxing may be a sport but a boxer is a trained fighter specializing in a certain skill set and perfectly capable of stepping outside the ring. The question, if Aikido is to maintain any claim to being a martial way, is perfectly valid and to give Bernie his due he is not just talking about it but exploring it.

Can a person trained in the techniques of Aikido hold their own against a person trained in the techniques of a boxer. Good answers so far I have nothing to add.

There are boxers out there, even today, that consider boxing a way of life. Not a game by any means.

A dojo is not a determined environment?

Originally posted by shihonage
There's no such thing as a "Aikidoka" vs. "Boxer".

There are two people. One of them becomes hostile. The other does what they have to do.

Aikido is not a sport. It's not been made to survive in athletic competitions, where there are rounds, stances, rules, determined environment, and excessive endurance is required.

Aikido is not a game.

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