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Re: defending against a boxer

Originally posted by Bernie V
This is my first post. I have been taking aikido for a year now. I love it but I am still a doubting Thomas on whether it works.
I also just started to do some boxing to get the feel of a real attack and also to get see how my Aikido could be used to defend . Right now, when I am boxing I just box, but in the back of my mind I am thinking on how to use irimi or tenkan and also what technique I could use to immobilize or throw. forgive
my naiveness but I am still learning and would like some thoughts on this subject.
Buy the Seagal film "Out for Justice" on DVD (its cheap) and see how he does things.
View it in slow motion as well.

If you're seriously interested, then what he does will give you new ways of looking at things. This film has the best bar scene ever.
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