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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

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In both cases, there is, shall we say, a certain looseness in the treatment of the historical evidence.
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In other words they are both liars...spinning stories.
Were they modern Americans writing their stories- here or any where else on the internet- they would be thoroughly eviscerated for it and their art would be placed in the Bad budo or bullshido sections of various forums all over the world for the stories they tried to pass off.

I continue to be amazed at what Westerners will put up with. Their polite and neutral responses, are meant to tell people how "they need to understand", all in the guise of representing a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of what often amounts to as bullshit. As if looking these guys in the eye and calling them on it makes you some sort of simpleton. We can certainly understand it contextually, we do not "need" to accept it or approve. Truth and lies as being a fluid concept starts to take on a cowardly artifice that we would never tolerate elsewhere.

We didn't include certain individuals one step down either. A model cited by Stan in his first paragaph of certain shihans claims, one example being:
"I trained with O Sensei everyday, privately." (years after he retired and left). It never happened. They are just well placed, well loved and very well thought of...liars.

I am so glad I left certain relationships in a particular art. At a certain point in time I consider the Westerners who have compromised themselves in order to TO REMAIN a part, and be ranked as worse than the Asians who do these things. I have no use for what they chose to represent.

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