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Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

Rich Hobbs wrote: View Post
Just a short couple of points that I think are central to these discussions.

There is a logical fallacy that is employed which is essentially:
- I train in aikido.
- I have defended myself in a violent situation/martial context...
- Aikido is effective in a violent situation/martial context...

It is also a fallacy to reason:
- I train in aikido
- I was unable to defend myself in [insert scenario]
- Aikido is ineffective in [insert scenario]

I trained in meditation, a guy attacked me and I hit him with a 2x4 which dropped him flat; my mediation is martially effective.

We can train and become martially effective but that does not mean that our training paradigm necessarily is equipping us with martially effective aikido.

Now please feel free to descend into arguing over "what is/isn't aikido" or "what aikido means to me" if that is what you wish...

Using the experience of a specific person in a specific scenario to determine whether a training paradigm produces a) aikido and b) something martially effective is very easy to fall into traps of false logic.

I'm not going to comment at this stage on what does or does not make something martially effective/aikido/etc.

Please feel free to decide for yourselves but bear in mind that your perception does not necessarily equal that of someone else or an objective truth.
That was short?